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The Unchallenged Domination of Nike in the Universe of Sneakers

The footprint of Nike in the sneaker industry is simply unmissable. This brand with the famous Swoosh has established itself as one of the world leaders, if not the absolute leader, in the field of sneakers. But behind this dazzling success lie two visionary personalities, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, these are athletes determined to create a brand that reflects their passion for the sport. As a result, Nike was born in 1968, but where does this enigmatic name come from, which today resonates in the hearts of all music lovers. The brand name, Nike is in fact a tribute to the Greek goddess Niké, which means "Victory". In Greek mythology, Niké was a winged divinity, a symbol of speed. It is precisely this idea that Nike wishes to convey through its name. Its promise is clear: thanks to Nike achieve victory. To date, Nike has designed a plethora of models sneakers, each becoming emblematic in its own way. Among the most memorable are the sneakers Dunk Low the legendary Nike Air Force 1 and must-haves Nike Air Max 1. Each pair has its own unique style. While the Nike Dunk Low and Air Force 1 embody an aesthetic that is both retro and timeless Air Max dare a bolder look. More recently, sneakers Dunk SB and Nike Travis Scott have entered the market, offering a futuristic and sophisticated style, and are now among the best-sellers in the Nike ! !

Nike and Jordan : An Iconic Collaboration

In the 80s, when Nike offers Michael Jordan to collaborate, no one could have imagined the extent of the success that would follow. However, the magic quickly worked with the launch of the basketball Jordan 1, and has won over a wide audience. Celebrities, athletes, influencers - they're all won over by the revolutionary design of the first Air Jordan. Since then Jordan Brand unveiled a number of models, including the Jordan 4, the Jordan 1 High, the Jordan 1 Mid and Jordan 1 Low. The Air Jordan 1 High is distinguished by its high cut, while the Air Jordan 1 Mid has a medium cut, and the Air Jordan 1 Low opts for a low cut. However, all three collections share common elements such as the famous side swoosh, the iconic wings and the brand name Nike. The sneakers Jordan 4 another of the brand's best-sellers, features a logo Jumpman, his cage in TPU, with reinforced eyelets and a rugged look.

The Major Impact of Adidas

As Nike, Adidas has also risen to the top of the industry sneakers. Founded in Germany in 1949, this brand of streetwear seduces with its innovative spirit. Among its many collections, four have particularly stood out: the sneakers Stan Smith, the Adidas Campus, shoes Adidas Samba and models Adidas Gazelle. Visit Stan Smith have a classic simplicity that remains timeless. Visit Adidas Gazelle are distinguished by their growing sophistication, just as the Adidas Samba. Finally, the Adidas Campus 00s and their unique vintage charm.

Visit New Balance headlining the Sneakers Trends

Founded in Boston in 1906 by orthopaedic surgeon William J. Riley, , New Balance is now one of the world's leading sneakers in the world. The brand's initial aim was to offer shoes with perfect balance thanks to a three-support sole. Over the years, New Balance launched numerous models, the most famous of which are the New Balance 550, sneakers New Balance 9060 and New Balance 990. Visit New Balance 550 are elegantly styled, in contrast to the New Balance 9060 with a sporty look. As for the New Balance 990, they stand out for their originality. In more recent years, the brand has created silhouettes that have attracted a great deal of attention, notably the famous New Balance 2002R with the trendy New Balance Protection Pack.

The Exceptional Craze around Yeezy : Baskets imagined by Kanye West

Although American rapper Kanye West is no longer as fashionable as it once was, its sneakers Yeezy continue to appeal to the younger generation. Despite recent criticism, this has not eu impact on product sales. Let's take a look at the rapper's most successful models, which continue to attract large numbers of fans. The Yeezy 350, released for the first time in 2015, is a pair of sneakers at primeknit with a thick sole that quickly became a sensation. The second version of the Yeezy 350 continued in the same vein, calling Yeezy 350 V2. Among the sneakers Yeezy, the Yeezy 380 and the Yeezy 700 stand out for their futuristic style, which has won them many fans. Last but not least, tap dance Yeezy, such as Yeezy Foam and Yeezy Slide, have also captured our hearts this summer. The Adidas Yeezy Slide are particularly appreciated for their comfort, while the Yeezy Foam Runner are distinguished by their unique design.

The Extraordinary Craze for UGG : Discover the Platform Models Ultra Mini and Tasman

This winter, the famous boots UGG created a veritable craze. Women, celebrities and influencers from all over the world proudly sported their UGG. Originally, Shane Stedman, founder of the Australian brand, was to keep the feet of surfers on the South American coast warm. Thanks to their cozy interior and quality lining, the shoes Ugg have conquered the world. This year, the slippers UGG Slipper and the range Ugg Ultra Mini were clearly the most popular models. The slippers UGG Tasman and Ugg Tazz, are soberly styled, while the Ugg Disquette and tap dance UGG Funkette boast a more flirtatious look thanks to their thick fur. Booties Ugg Ultra Mini are available in two versions: the Ugg Ultra Mini are reminiscent of the shape of a cosmonaut's boot Ugg Mini Platform keep this style, but with a thicker sole. Although clogs can't yet be called Ugg Goldenstar Clog from "best-seller", but even so, they're starting to get noticed.