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Crep Protect Waterproofing Spray 200ml : The ultimate solution for protecting your leather and fabric shoes sneakers To protect your sneakers from rain and stains, Crep has designed Crep Protect Waterproofing Spray, an essential weapon for the care of your leather and fabric shoes. This revolutionary spray offers optimum protection against various types of stains, even the most dreaded ones...

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The world of sneakers is a dynamic one, where the appearance and care of your shoes play an essential role. With this in mind, the Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit emerges as a complete solution, bringing together quality tools to care for your sneakers shoes in style. The Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit The Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit comes in a black zipped pouch, offering both practicality...

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Organize and protect your sneaker collection with the set of 2 storage boxes sneakers Crates Crep Protect v2 Want to keep your favorite sneakers looking fresh, while protecting them from dust and the hazards of everyday life? The Sneakers Crates Crep Protect v2 Lot of 2 Storage Boxes is the perfect solution. These stylish and functional boxes not only offer optimal protection, they also...

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Accessories Sneakers : Care products and accessories to care for and enhance your sneakers

Today, trendy sneakers are no longer limited to sports use. They have become everyday essentials, appealing to all generations with a variety of styles, colors and models.

As key elements of our wardrobe, it's essential to look after them to preserve their beauty and extend their life. On our online store, we offer a careful selection of accessories dedicated to the cleaning, care, storage and customization of your sneakers.

From shoe polish to waterproofing, from laces to socks, including customization products, discover quality products that protect and preserve your favorite sneakers.

Protect your sneakers with the right accessories

Cleaning and maintaining sneakers are simple tasks when you have the right products. We worked directly with the world-renowned brand Crep Protect.

Among the essentials, Crep Protect Waterproofing Spray is an indispensable ally in protecting your Nike sneakers and Adidas sneakers from rain and damp, and preventing rapid deterioration of materials (leather, suede, synthetic...).

In the event of stubborn stains, the application of a cleaner with a soft cloth or chamois is an effective solution, acting in depth without attacking the material with the Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit.

Shampoo can also be used to remove dirt from sneakers. Shoe polish nourishes, recolors and restores the shine of your shoes. Frequent use of a deodorizer helps prevent unpleasant odours, or reduces them if they are already present.

For cleaning sneakers in canvas or textile, our online store offers specific care products, including a sneakers cleaner suitable for all colors and materials.

A variety of products at your disposal

As a specialist in limited and exclusive sneakers, CopnCop offers a variety of sneaker cleaning products, as well as customization products such as colored laces Mr Lacy or socks Jimmy Lion that can be coordinated with your sneakers.

Our affordable products, manufactured by renowned brands such as Crep Protect and Mr Lacy, offer all the attention you need to sublimate your women sneakers or men sneakers.

Whether your sneakers are made of leather, textile or synthetic, CopnCop offers a complete range of products for their care.

We offer a wide range of references, as well as kits containing several care products. Each product is accompanied by instructions for use, offering solutions for both new and worn sneakers.

Our sneakers accessories category offers complete solutions for caring for your favorite pairs. Choose from our quality products to gently nourish, stain, deodorize or waterproof your sneakers. Make every pair a lasting investment, preserving not only their aesthetic appearance but also their comfort, so you can wear them in style for everyday activities.