How to win on the SNKRS app in 2022?

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First application of raffle worldwide, the SNKRS application remains a reference for online shopping experience in the rare basketball community at Nike.

Having a multitude of content such as Lives, interviews, polls, the application remains a must to get the rarest sneakers like the latest Travis Scott collaboration or the latest Travis Scott collaboration Nike Off-White by Virgil Abloh or the sneakers of the brand Sacai...

If you are a big fan of sneakers Nike or Michael Jordan, you should have installed it!

Yet the experience is different for each user, so we give you some tips to finally get the famous Got EM!

1st Council: Configure your account Nike SNKRS on her phone

This will probably take you a few minutes, but it is essential to complete all sections of the application.

First, you will need to complete all your delivery and billing information and provide a recurring payment method. You'll also need to find out your favorite size.

All of this will allow you to save time when registering for the raffle and not have a surprise.

second counsel: Do not change anything on the application at each random draw

So you set up your account. You won't have to touch anything and always play the same size you've given to maximize your chances of winning. Indeed, Nike seems to check that you do not change anything to get you the precious!

3rd board: Multiply accounts but not with the same information

This is not a secret, if you have several phones, you can multiply entries on the SNKRS application.

We just advise you not to use the same information, the same payment method and the same delivery address. Robots Nike anti-frude check the information and of course don't like the duplicates!

4th advice: Order articles other than sneakers for your daily life

All stores love loyalty programs. For Nike it's the same. The application seems to reward loyal customers commander of textile, sport items.. We therefore advise you to order often for everyday items that are not too expensive: socks, gloves...

Finally, make sure that notifications are enabled on your smartphone to not miss any output. You should not also believe that robots work on Nike, they have the most powerful anti-bot system in the world.

Follow to the letter our recommendations and let us know if you got your W or L.

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