MSCHF launches its most innovative boots to date

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A Label on the contrary of Culture Mode

A Creative Label

MSCHF is a creative collective based on Brooklyn, New York, which has made a sensation in the world of art and technology for its innovative and often controversial projects. Founded in 2016, MSCHF has been known for its viral moments with its projects, which often distort the border between art, social criticism and internet culture.

One of the most known projects of MSCHF is MSCHF Boxa subscription service that sends subscribers a mysterious and random object every two weeks. The boxes included everything from a piece of the Berlin wall to a toaster that burns the image of Jesus on the bread. The concept behind the box is to create a sense of anticipation and surprise, and to question the idea that each object must have a specific purpose.

Collaboration with Nike

Another notable project MSCHF they are the Satan Shoesa collaboration with the rapper Lil Nas X which caused media frenzy early in 2021. The shoes were Nike Air Max 97 personalized with a pentagram pendant, a drop of human blood in the sole and words "Luc 10:18" (a biblical passage on the fall of Satan from heaven) printed on them. The shoes were launched in limited edition of 666 pairs and were sold in less than a minute, inciting Nike continue MSCHF for trademark violation.

MSCHF has also created several Internet-based projects that challenge social norms and push the boundaries of online culture. For example, they created an application called "Finger on the App", who challenged users to keep their finger on the screen of their phone as long as possible to win a money prize. The game attracted millions of players and lasted several laps, the last prize reaching over $700,000.

The BIG Red Boot

The news Big Red Boot de MSCHF quickly made the buzz on social networks, attracting the attention of fashion lovers from all over the world. Celebrities are not in the rest, since several celebrities have already been seen displaying these boots with a unique look.

On social networks, Internet users soon shared their enthusiasm for the new boots MSCHF, welcoming the originality of their design and the quality of their manufacture. The praiseworthy comments have been made, qualifying the Big Red Boot de "must-have" for all those looking to stand out in style.

In short Big Red Boot de MSCHF have already conquered many fans thanks to their unique design and manufacturing quality. With their imposing look and daring touch, these boots are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to get out of the beaten fashion trails.

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