Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low Rammellzee : When Art And Fashion Merge

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Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low Rammellzee a historic collaboration

Here we are once again, immersed in the world of urban fashion, where the merger of two giants creates a tidal wave of creativity and innovation. Today, we explore the legendary collaboration between Nike and Supreme an alliance that has lasted for over two decades. Specifically, we'll be looking at the latest creation from this iconic partnership, the Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme which promises to be a real work of art to wear on your feet.

Baskets Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low Rammellzee CopnCop Blog

A History of Unparalleled Collaboration

It all began in 2002, when Nike and Supreme NYC have joined forces to create products for streetwear which quickly became icons. At the time SB Dunk was at the heart of their collaboration, coinciding with the launch of the Nike Skateboarding. Over the next two decades, these two fashion giants pushed back the limits of creativity, not only in terms of fashion, but also in terms of design Dunk SB but also on other iconic models such as the Air Force 1 and the Air Max Plus. However, the Dunk Low SB remains a pillar of their partnership.

The Resurrection of the SB Dunk Low

This time, the SB Dunk Low makes its comeback this spring in an edition that won't go unnoticed. This collaboration pays tribute to the legendary artist Rammellzee in a very unique way. Visit pair of sneakers features an original finish, with part of the work by Rammellzee backdrop, a reminder of the artist's artistic heritage new-yorkers.

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The Inspiration Behind the Sneaker

Visit Supreme Dunk Low Rammellzee draws its inspiration from the captivating work of Rammellzee. The sneaker's low-cut upper is covered with a canvas, showcasing several of the artist's works from the Queens. This collaboration is particularly significant because Rammellzee passed away in 2010, leaving behind an undeniable artistic legacy.

Elegant contrast

Visit SB Dunk Low Rammellzee stands out with a subtle contrast. The black suede leather covering the mudguard, the lacing system support and the Nike on the side creates an impressive visual balance. A black-matched midsole and a black-matched gumsole complete the look with elegance. What's more, custom branding on the laces and aglets adds a touch of exclusivity to this sneakers exclusive.

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Feverishly awaiting fans

This collaboration between nike x supreme is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited of the season. Fans of the Nike SB can't contain their excitement, even if they currently have their sights set on other outings such as the Jordan 4 Pine Green or the Jordan 4 Frozen Moments. Anticipation is rising, and it's easy to see why. The work accomplished by Supreme on the SB Dunk Low Rammellzee deserves the attention of all enthusiasts of sneakers limited and urban art.

The Creative Genius of Tremaine Emory

Tremaine Emory creative director at Supreme New-York brought a surprising touch to this collaboration. La Dunk SB Supreme Rammellzee features a low-profile upper with a base and superimposed reinforcements covered with a canvas, featuring works by Rammellzee. This artistic approach is all the more poignant given that the artist left this world in 2010 at New York, his hometown.

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The Detail that Makes the Difference

The contrast is enhanced by the use of black suede leather on the mudguard, the lacing system support and the Nike on the side. A midsole embellished with a black reminder and a gumsole effectively complement the look, creating a nike supreme dunk a perfect blend of art, fashion and style.

A Stunning Collaboration

In conclusion, the Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme Rammellzee FD8778-001 is much more than just a pair of sneakers nike. It's a work of art you can wear proudly on your feet, a tribute to the artistic heritage of Rammellzee, and the fruit of a legendary collaboration between Nike and Supreme. This sneaker embodies the perfect marriage between streetwear, the creativity and history of urban fashion.

Finally, a model Dunk SB High has accompanied this collaboration with Dunk High SB Supreme Rammellzee and both models are now available on our online site

Baskets Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme Rammellzee CopnCop Blog

Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme Rammellzee


Baskets Nike SB Dunk High Supreme Rammellzee CopnCop Blog

Nike SB Dunk High Supreme Rammellzee


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