Sneakers Nike Dunk Low Twist Jade Ice for men and women CopnCop 1910
  • Sneakers Nike Dunk Low Twist Jade Ice for men and women CopnCop 1910
  • Sneakers Nike Dunk Low Twist Jade Ice for men and women CopnCop 1909
  • Sneakers Nike Dunk Low Twist Jade Ice for men and women CopnCop 1908

Nike Dunk Low Twist Jade Ice

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Release date: AUGUST 2023


SKU : DZ2794-101

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Low Medium High

First propelled onto the fashion scene in 1985, the Nike Dunk Low Twist Jade Ice remains a timeless classic that continues to occupy a place of choice in the wardrobes of style enthusiasts.

With its rich history and timeless aesthetic, this silhouette is the epitome of the trendy sneaker. This Dunk Low is presented with an immaculate white leather base, creating a blank canvas ready for a palette of invigorating hues. This bright base is subtly counterbalanced by a thick white tongue, providing the perfect backdrop for the details to come. A mesh lining adds a touch of breathable comfort to the interior, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience all day long.

However, what really sets this Nike Dunk Low are the icy-blue leather overlays that integrate masterfully. These overlays embody the very essence of the trend, combining contemporary design with a touch of retro that recalls the iconic roots of the Nike Dunk . What's more, the choice of glazed-effect leather gives this sneaker a unique visual dimension, subtly catching the light and creating a sensation of movement, even when you're standing still.

The details don't stop there. The reinforcements, which are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, pick up on the refreshing blue hue, while the Swoosh side panel, an emblematic element of the Dunk Low stretches elegantly along the sides of the shoe. This elongated version of the Swoosh brings a touch of modernity to the whole, while respecting the classic heritage. The outsole, often overlooked in many designs, takes on a new dimension with this Dunk Low women . Combining the color nuances present on the upper, it creates a complete visual harmony, from toe to heel. This attention to detail is testament to Nike 's commitment to offering a holistic aesthetic experience for sneakers enthusiasts.

In short, the Dunk Low Twist Jade Ice is more than just a shoe; it transcends the very concept of a shoe to become a work of art in its own right. With its shades of bright white and icy blue, carefully crafted overlays and decades-long heritage, this sneaker embodies the perfect fusion of past and present, while paving the way for an ever more stylish future. Whether it's your first step into the world of sneakers or the addition of a new staple to your collection, this Dunk Low Nike is ready to accompany you in your quest for style and individuality.

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