Jordan 4 Prices - From iconic to affordable

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Decoding the Prix de la Jordan 4

Let's delve into an essential aspect of the Air Jordan 4 its price. The emblematic shoe Jordan 4 for forty years, is notoriously expensive. From the affordable to the luxuriously expensive, let's explore the subtleties of the cost of the Nike Air Jordan 4 one of the catalog's masterpieces Air Jordan.

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Justified Prestige Jordan 4

The Jordan 4 are much more than sneakers; they are symbols. Their rich heritage and legendary association with Michael Jordan an undisputed basketball legend, make these shoes iconic. Designed in 1989 by the renowned designer at Nike, Tinker Hatfield, the Air Jordan 4 are distinguished by their visible Air heel and plastic wings on the sides. A design that instantly captivated sneakers enthusiasts and the general public alike. Over the decades, these sneakers Nike Jordan 4 have earned a special place in streetwear culture. They serve as a blank canvas for special collaborations with designers, luxury brands and celebrities. Limited and exclusive editions, often produced in very limited quantities, generate a fiery demand among sneaker collectors, hip-hop fans and sneakers trend enthusiasts. This rarity, combined with the desire to own a unique piece of sneakers history, contributes substantially to price increases. The Jordan 4 Black Cat are a notable example, with their extreme rarity. Similarly, the Jordan 4 Retro Union Off Noir is also highly prized.

The impact of "The Last Dance" on prices

In 2020, the Netflix broadcast of "The Last Dance" has played a major role in the rise in prices of Air Jordan particularly shoes Jordan 4. This documentary made thousands of people realize the scale of the industry around Jordan retro , especially the Jordan 4 retro. This new awareness naturally increased demand, leading to a significant rise in the price of sneakers Jordan.

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The Precious Pearl Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott Cactus Jack

The most expensive pair of Jordan 4 is without doubt the Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott Cactus Jack. The result of the emblematic collaboration between Nike and Travis Scott this pair is a true work of art. The American rapper's creative genius in sneaker design has made him the most lucrative "architect of sneakers ". The pairs of Jordan he creates are highly coveted by fans of sneakers Nike Travis Scott particularly the Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott. This exceptional pair is accompanied by the Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott Olivewhich reinvent the iconic Jordan 1. In terms of price, the Jordan 4 Travis Scott costs over 1,300€ and can rise to over 2,500€.

Less expensive but equally exclusive and limited options are available on our site, such as the Jordan 4 Military Black or the Jordan 4 A Ma Manière.

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Affordable options: Our selection from Air Jordan 4

If you'd like to own an original pair of Jordan without breaking the 400€ barrier, there are affordable options. The Jordan 4 Infrared are among the most affordable. You'll also find Jordan 4 Midnight Navy, the Jordan 4 Canyon Purple and Jordan 4 Thunder 2023 in the same price range, starting at 210€ and around 300€ for larger sizes. In a few days time, you'll also find the latest Jordan 4 Frozen Moments. At CopnCop we also offer reduced prices on sizes EXPRESS 48H available directly from our warehouse.

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The Cost of Jordan 4 Demystified

In conclusion, the price of Jordan 4 is a result of their iconic status, exceptional collaborations and the rarity of certain editions. Sneakers that transcend their functionality to become veritable works of art, adored by fashionistas and sneakers addicts and fashion lovers alike. Whether you're aiming for the exceptional or the affordable, the world of Air Jordan 4 offers options for every taste and budget.

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