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Despite the tradition of high heels and dress shoes at weddings, more and more brides are opting for trendy sneakers for a comfortable, casual look. At first glance sneakers at a wedding may seem audacious.

However, you'll discover in this article that the choice of sneakers at a wedding can be a wise one, allowing you to respect the dress code while adding a touch of elegance to your outfit!

Choosing the right wedding sneakers

It's essential to consider the harmony between your sneakers and the rest of your outfit. Your choice of sneakers wedding sneakers should not only be based on your personal preferences, but also on the color of your suit. For example, if you're used to wearing brown sneakers, matching them with a sky-blue suit could pose a problem of balance. It's essential to respect the principles of warm and cool colors, as well as light and dark.

In addition, the brightness of your outfit must be taken into account to maintain an overall balance and avoid excess shine. If your suit features satin lapels matched with satin piping on the pockets or belt, it's best to opt for white sneakers or sober black sneakers in raw leather, without color gradients, so as not to accentuate the shiny effect of your wedding outfit. It's equally important to consider the overall sheen of your suit.

A merino wool suit is recommended for its comfort and visual appeal. However, if you choose a suit with particular shine characteristics, be sure to maintain consistency between the different materials.

For example, sneakers nike black can be worn with a lightly woven gray suit, or even a plain gray suit, made from raw wool and lacking any particular sheen. To find the best pair of sneakers to add a special touch to your big day, you'll need to browse the best current models on our site CopnCop. Wedding sneakers have to meet strict criteria, and here you'll discover the best choices.

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Air Force 1 Low Supreme White


Sneakers Air Force 1 Low Supreme Black pour mariage CopnCop

Air Force 1 Low Supreme Black


When to choose sneakers for a wedding?

Sneakers can be worn throughout the wedding, but it's also possible to have a second, more traditional pair of shoes for special occasions, such as pumps, sandals or moccasins, for example. Certain stages of a wedding lend themselves perfectly to the wearing of sneakers.

The civil ceremony, while formal, is less rigid than the religious union. Outfits follow the same criteria, and sneakers fit in perfectly with a dress code that's both elegant and casual. The vin d'honneur is a relaxed moment when guests get to know each other and break the ice. Showing up to the cocktail party in sneakers is just the thing for this occasion.

The dance floor is the perfect place to rock out in sneakers. Your feet will find the comfort they need to set the dance floor alight until the wee hours of the morning. To take part in the games and entertainment that enliven the wedding evening, it's best to be comfortable.

Sneakers will allow you to enjoy yourself in the best possible conditions. What's more, sneakers can be the central theme of the wedding. In this case, they're a must, and every guest should have his or her own pair of sneakers.

Sneakers can also be a great way to fit in with a themed wedding: sneakers nike rose, dunk low olive, dunk low black white or jordan 1 low panda...

Sneakers Nike Dunk low Pink Corduroy pour mariage CopnCop

Nike Dunk Low Pink Corduroy


Sneakers Air Jordan 1 Low Panda pour un mariage CopnCop

Air Jordan 1 Low Panda


What type of sneakers to choose to match a suit?

Let's face it: pairing a pair of sneakers with a suit or tailoring has an undeniably fashionable edge. However, it's essential not to make just any choice. Even if an elegant suit in beige, navy or khaki will generally go well with different types and colors of sneakers, go for white nike sneakers.

Why should you? First of all, because they go with any outfit. What's more, if these sneakers are enhanced by a slightly thicker sole, they have the advantage of elongating your silhouette. We recommend the classics in this category Air Jordan 1 High (with a slightly larger sole than the basic models), the Adidas Campus sneakers, or the dunk high sneakers.

As you can see, the more white or black your sneakers are, the more they will enhance the elegance of your suit. Because in 2022, who said sneakers nike couldn't be chic?

Baskets et Sneakers avec un costume pour un mariage CopnCop

Sneakers Adidas Campus 00s Black pour un mariage CopnCop

Adidas Campus 00s Black


Why choose sneakers for a wedding?

Sneakers for a wedding... and why not? In our fast-paced, ultra-connected society, fashion sneakers have become our daily companions, making our hectic lives easier. Comfortable, elegant, original, there's a sneaker for every taste. After all, this sneakers that's invading our closets (and the streets) is just as suited to life in the city as it is to the office, and even to large receptions and ceremonies such as weddings.

However, there are a number of tips, or even rules, to bear in mind if you want to avoid taking the wrong path. Keeping sneakers clean: the idea of wearing sneakers with a suit is always very appealing.

However, it is essential that the sneakers chosen are impeccably clean. It is therefore advisable to opt for a new pair of sneakers that you will wear for the first time at the wedding, or to carefully clean the most elegant sneakers in your collection using a washing machine and a toothbrush. To do this, take a look at our article on: how to clean your sneakers to perfection sneakers

Avoid sneakers that are too "streetwear": with the plethora of sneaker models available on our website sneakers authentic and limited CopnCop, it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice and distinguish between style and comfort. For weddings, it's best to opt for classic-style sneakers.

Avoid exaggeratedly shaped soles, multicolored models or those from cutting-edge collaborations. Opt for simplicity and efficiency, quite simply. Add a touch of originality: although clean sneakers are essential, you can always be seduced by classic models with a touch of originality.

Gingham sneakers, for example, look great with an elegant navy dress at a reception. There are also embroidered sneakers, to be worn with a dress in the same style, or gold sneakers that sparkle in the sunlight and add a festive note to your outfit.

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How to choose your wedding sneakers?

Choosing the right wedding sneakers is essential to your comfort and style. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

Priority to comfort

Make sure you choose comfortable sneakers that fit your shoe size and are made from quality materials. nike leather sneakers or nike suede sneakers with soft linings are good choices.

Adapt them to the event

Think about the location and season of your wedding. If you're planning to walk on grass, nike low sneakers like the dunk low may be ideal. For a winter wedding, high-top sneakers like the Air Jordan 1 Mid will keep you warm.

Dare to be colorful

Although white is a classic color for wedding sneakers, don't be afraid to opt for brighter colors or shades of white. Match them to your wedding color code, or opt for bold contrasts like adidas campus green or dunk low blue.

Sneakers Nike Dunk Low bleu pour mariage CopnCop

Dunk Low Polar Blue


How to wear sneakers to a wedding with elegance?

When it comes to elegance, we've got a few tips to share about what to pair with sneakers for a wedding. To maintain a certain elegance while wearing sneakers to a wedding, pair them with an outfit that has nothing to do with sporty style: a suit, a three-piece ensemble, a suit or a flowing dress, for example.

As far as colors are concerned, if your sneakers are white, opt for two families of colors: classic tones such as navy blue and gray, or pastel colors, which have been ultra-trendy for several seasons now. It's essential to keep in mind that choosing sneakers for a wedding is a bold fashion choice.

With this in mind, the choice of outfit is of strategic importance, to remain sober while suivant keeping up with the latest trends. To stay elegant while wearing wedding sneakers, here are a few tips:

Match the colors of your sneakers to your wedding theme.

Opt for nike two-tone sneakers with laces or rhinestones matching your colors.

Accessorize your sneakers for an elegant look.

Make sure your sneakers match the rest of your outfit.

Wedding sneaker FAQs

- Can I wear sneakers to my wedding? Yes, it's becoming increasingly common to wear sneakers to weddings, and many brands offer special collections of wedding sneakers.

- What color sneakers should I choose for my wedding? sneakers nike white is the most common color for wedding sneakers, but you can choose any color to match your theme.

- How to wear sneakers and stay chic and glamorous at your wedding? To stay chic while wearing wedding sneakers, choose sneakers that match your dress and accessorize them with elegance. Always maintain harmony throughout your outfit.

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