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Making the right choice from the vast selection of UGG shoes can be very tricky. The various styles, colors and features available can make this decision rather complex.

To simplify the task, we've put together a handy guide to help you choose the right pair of women's UGG boots to suit your style and needs. First of all, to ensure that you opt for top-quality, durable UGG boots, it's essential to make sure they're made from 100% natural Australian sheepskin. Not only will this help extend the life of your UGG shoes, but it will also enhance your experience.

Natural sheepskin has the ability to absorb moisture, which means that any moisture or water that might penetrate your boots will be absorbed, leaving your boots feeling soft and supple UGG will be absorbed, leaving your boots in excellent condition after every use. If you're not yet convinced, you can be confident in the sturdiness of natural sheepskin, and know that your boots UGG will be with you for many years, offering cozy comfort with every use, before you need to replace them.

Now that you know the features to look for, it's time to choose the perfect pair of UGG women's shoes for you.

Where do you plan to wear your UGG shoes?

It's essential to determine where you plan to wear your UGG to choose the pair that's right for you. While all models are durable, warm, comfortable and flexible, choosing the ideal pair varies from person to person.

UGG shoes at home

For use at home, nothing beats a pair of mules or UGG slippers. These are the perfect models to slip easily into your feet and keep them warm while doing chores or relaxing at home. You can choose UGG Tazz or UGG Tasman for the home

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The UGG slipper in particular is easy to slip on, keeps your feet warm and is comfortable for extended wear. If you prefer full closure, slippers may be the best option for you.

Shoes UGG in town

If you're looking for a more versatile style for outings around town, UGG boots like the UGG ultra mini or UGG mini platform are the ideal choice. They offer the warmth and comfort needed for home wear, but are also stylish enough to be worn in public.

Chaussures UGG en ville copncop Blog

Whether you're running errands, shopping, or planning to go out to eat, UGG boots will keep you warm while looking fabulous.

The advantage of the UGG boot lies in the variety of lengths available. If you prefer a classic, comfortable boot, opt for the UGG ultra mini platform that reach the ankle. If you're looking for more leg coverage, taller models may suit you better, such as the UGG plateform mini.

The trendiest UGG shoes

Let's go back to the 2000s. Low-rise jeans, sparkling tops and thick-soled boots were all the rage. In 2023, it seems that the fashion world is taking inspiration from this iconic era, subtly rediscovering the clothes and accessories worn by everyone back then.

After bringing the UGG mini the most influential fashion experts and celebrities of our generation have joined forces to restore credibility to the UGGwhich are reinventing themselves this year.

UGG Tasman why the craze?

The UGG Tasman have become real stars on TikTok, already racking up over 32 million views. This meteoric rise in popularity is hardly surprising when you consider the craze they've generated since their launch. But what is it that makes so many people fall for these UGG slippers?

Their success lies mainly in their versatility. Inspired by the slippers we wear at home, these UGG tasman women's slippers combine practicality and elegance. They offer the comfort of a pair of slippers, yet are more stylish than classic leather boots. The UGG Tasman can be worn both indoors and out, making them a versatile option for many occasions.

Ugg tasman for women copncop blog

What's more, they were launched at a time of year when we all needed warmth and comfort. Their autumnal hues combined with the softness of wool make them a must-have for Autumn-Winter 2023. As soon as you put them on, you won't want to take them off... There are several colors to choose from, such as UGG tasman black or UGG tasman beige.

The UGG Tasman go perfectly with a casual style, such as sportswear, or more classic outfits, which include comfortable garments such as women's sweatshirts or leggings. It's best to respect the neutral, warm colors of the embroidery and sheepskin to harmonize the ensemble.

Finally, don't forget to choose your socks carefully, as they are visible and play an essential role in your outfit. When in doubt, opt for white socks - always a winning option.

Ugg tasman mustard seed for women CopnCop Blog

UGG Tasman Mustard Seed


UGG Ultra Mini Platform make their triumphant return

After the success of UGG tasman booties, beloved by celebrities and influencers alike, it's now the turn of ankle boots Ugg Classic Ultra Mini are now taking pride of place in the fashion world. Designed to give us a few extra centimeters of height without sacrificing comfort, these cozy UGG booties seduce us in an instant.

Bottes UGG Classic Ultra Mini Platform Boot Goat pour femme CopnCop Blog

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Platform Boot Goat


In the blink of an eye, they've become a rare item, elevating their status as an absolute must-have of the year. Excellent news for all fashionistas who haven't yet eu the chance to add them to their collection: in 2023, they're back, more numerous and more elegant than ever, with colors like the blackUGG ultra mini black or the UGG ultra mini chestnut.

Bottes UGG Classic Ultra Mini Platform Chestnut pour femme CopnCop Blog

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Platform Chestnut


UGG Tazz are the UGG footwear stars of the season

The previous year confirmed what many of us already knew: UGG shoes are definitely back in our lives. These boots, halfway between shoes and slippers, which left their mark on our adolescence, reappeared in the outfits of the most fashionable personalities, consolidating one of the season's most unexpected comebacks.

Chausonn UGG Tazz Slipper pour femme CopnCop Blog

In 2021, the Australian brand saw its success fade slightly. While the previous year's model Ultra Mini Platform model quickly sold out after Bella Hadid made it the most desired UGG shoe of the season, it's now the turn of the UGG Tazz to claim its place as the most sought-after UGG shoe of the moment.

Chaussons UGG Tazz Slipper Mustard Seed pour femme CopnCop Blog

UGG Tazz Mustard Seed


At least, that's what Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Elsa Hosk think, who have already incorporated the Tazz version into their favorite looks. This model uses the platform sole of the previous bestseller, but the back of the UGG shoe is much lower, making them the trendiest clogs of the moment.

Following the success of the Boston clogs from Birkenstock, the UGG Tazz model is the ideal mid-season alternative. What sets them apart? Their versatility. As Tazz fans have understood, these UGG shoes go just as well with a trendy look as they do with jeans, or even with more elegant outfits, such as a suit or tailor, playing with contrasts and the famous "wrong-shoe theory".

In short, if you're looking for winter shoes you can wear right now, the UGG Tazz are the perfect answer to these weeks of uncertain weather. With or without socks. Check out the UGG tazz black or the UGG tazz beige.

Chaussons UGG Tazz Slipper Chestnut pour femme CopnCop Blog

UGG Tazz Chestnut


Celebrity trend: Les UGG Boot Classic Mini platform

Many celebrities have already worn their UGG with skirts, denim dresses, short shorts and even sweatpants. However, one shoe model in particular Ugg has been seducing celebrities and models lately.

Ugg Classic Mini Platform Boot

Gigi Hadid, Elsa Hosk, Keke Palmer and Bella Hadid, to name but a few, have all adopted the "elevated and high" version of the Ugg boot: the UGG Classic Mini Platform Boots. This popular variant, which appeared in early 2020, features a 5 cm wedge sole and an ankle cut more reminiscent of a boot.

The UGG Classic Mini Platform Boots like all UGG classics, feature a sheep's wool lining which, according to customers, feels like walking on clouds. The main advantage of these boots is their versatility, as you can wear them indoors as well as outdoors, unlike some other booties, such as those from Tommy Hilfiger, for example.

It's worth noting that UGG Classic Mini Platform Boots are available in a range of attractive colors, including brown, chestnut, black, dark green and matte white.

How to wear UGG 2023 shoes

UGG shoes have carved out a place for themselves in the world of winter fashion. To match them, we recommend several stylish combinations

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From UGG with a leather jacket

Leather jackets, long or short, are an ideal alternative to coats for facing winter in style. Among the choices that go perfectly with leather jackets UGGinclude the aviator jacket in shearling (with wool on the inside and leather on the outside), the biker-inspired jacket in "racing"and black, brown or grey leather trench coats.

UGG with a striped sweater

The ultimate fashion combo of 2023 unquestionably combines a striped sweater inspired by marinières, which has become the most popular piece of the month, with UGGwhich have become the favorite footwear of style-conscious women. By combining a marinière with jeans and UGG you're sure to stay on trend for any occasion.

UGG with a comfortable look

A comfortable, trendy look is key. By suivant our example, stylists and fashion influencers, it's perfectly acceptable to wear UGG with knee-high socks over mesh leggings. To complete the outfit, add a beanie, a thick cashmere scarf, a wool coat and a cozy sweater. The trick to pulling off this ensemble is to accompany it with a sophisticated bag and sunglasses to add a touch of chic to your casual outfit.

UGG with jeans

While UGG don't necessarily go well with dresses, they pair perfectly with jeans. Recommended trouser cuts include straight jeans (called "straight"), flare and bootcut, baggy jeans, and boyfriend, which are the five trendy jean cuts for 2022. UGG tasman with cargo or parachute pants. Cargo pants, which went viral on TikTok and Instagram in 2023, have become a wardrobe staple for all ages. Similarly, parachute pants are a chic option to accompany your UGG.

Is it possible to clean your shoes UGG?

The care of your UGG shoes is a crucial question to be addressed in our guide. Made from sheepskin, classic UGG shoes are sensitive to water. Ideally, you should preserve them by avoiding washing. Using a protective spray UGG can help prevent stains by creating a kind of shield on the boot.

While this won't make them waterproof, it will prevent water from penetrating the material and causing stains, discoloration or marks. For best results, carefully spray your new UGG boots to moisten them slightly, without soaking them, then leave them to air-dry in a cool, well-ventilated place.

Then brush them gently with a suede brush to ensure a smooth finish to the material. You can repeat this procedure from time to time to maintain protection.

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For small stains and marks

For small marks and stains, avoid using water. Instead, try brushing them off with a suede brush. This should get rid of any light mud or dirt marks that may be present.

If a wash is unavoidable

If you feel that a full wash is necessary, you need to be very careful. Sheepskin and water don't mix, so it's imperative to minimize immersion. You have several options:

You can take them to a specialized dry cleaner.

You can wash them at home by suivant:

Place your boots UGG in a laundry bag.

Place the bag in the washing machine with sheets or towels to soften the spin.

Use only fragrance- and dye-free detergent.

Select a cold, delicate wash setting. As soon as the cycle is complete, remove the boots from the machine immediately to prevent further soaking.

Use your hands to reshape the inside of the boots and let them air-dry.

Come back regularly to reshape them.

This process can help even out the color of your boots and remove any splash stains, but it's best not to wash them unless absolutely necessary.

How to choose the right boot size UGG

One of the most frequently asked questions about UGG boots is what size to choose.

Understanding composition, shape and style can make this a tricky decision. That's why a simple size guide is essential in our UGG buying guide.

Guide de tailles UGG CopnCop Blog

Do UGG shoes adjust over time?

In general, the sizes indicated by UGG correspond to your shoe size. However, it's important that your new UGG shoes stay snug. Over time, the inside of the shoe begins to settle and adapt to the shape of your foot, which can make them slightly roomier.

It is therefore advisable to choose UGG that are initially well fitted to take account of this phenomenon. The best way to determine your ideal size is to measure your feet.

Here's how:

Stand on a sheet of paper against a wall.

Ask someone to mark the highest point of your foot at the front and back of your heel.

Then measure the distance between these two points.

This method will provide you with a more precise and accurate measurement for choosing your boot size UGG.

How to detect counterfeit shoes UGG?

Footwear counterfeiting UGG has become a recurring problem in recent years. Here's how to spot the fakes UGG and avoid unpleasant surprises when you receive your parcel.

Here are a few details to look out for.

The label UGG

The first thing to check on a pair of UGG shoes is the presence of the authenticity label. All genuine UGG certified shoes carry this label. To check its authenticity, tilt it from left to right. If the sun-shaped logo changes from black to white at a 90-degree angle, it's a genuine pair.

Contrefaçons UGG copncop blog

Packaging with box UGG

Authentic UGG packaging is made of rigid cardboard, and the shoes are wrapped in checked paper. By contrast, counterfeit shoes often arrive in inferior cardboard boxes, often damaged in transit.

Seams on shoes UGG

Genuine UGG shoes have thick seams and a quality finish. Counterfeits, however, may have inferior seams. Heel patch: On genuine products, the heel patch is thick and made of leather, with the ® symbol next to the logo. Counterfeits sometimes use cotton for the patch, and the second "G" of "UGG" is generally smaller than on genuine shoes.

Fausses UGG copncop Blog

Sole rigidity UGG

A genuine UGG shoe has a sturdy sole that doesn't bend easily. Counterfeits often have softer soles. Fur pile: on genuine UGG boots, the fur pile is firmly attached. On counterfeits, the hairs may be less securely attached and pull out more easily. As for the inner lining, real UGG boots have a thick inner lining made of real sheepskin, while counterfeits often use synthetic materials.

The upper UGG

The vamp, the part that covers the foot from toe to instep, is often ill-fitting on counterfeits, making them uncomfortable to wear.

Shoe price UGG

Be cautious of overly tempting offers. Real UGG boots come at a price, due to the superior quality of the sheepskin and the craftsmanship involved in their manufacture. By following suivant these tips, you'll be able to spot fake UGG shoes more easily and avoid counterfeit products.

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