The most beautiful sneakers Adidas for women in 2023

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There's no denying that the brand's reputation Adidas is truly legendary, as are its sneakers woman which are just as mythical, and carried, for example, by the Blackpink. So what are the most beautiful sneakers woman Adidas for 2023? How can you incorporate them into your wardrobe with style? Let's dive into our selection of best sneakers Adidas for women, the ultimate guide to the best choice.

Visit Sneakers for women Adidas still at the top of the popularity game in 2023 ?

The success story Adidas began after the Second World War, in 1949 to be precise. In the 1950s, the brand took advantage of the post-war technological boom to develop a range of innovative equipment, particularly in the field of sports, where numerous revolutions took place (such as the first participation of Kathrine Switzer at the Boston Marathon or the invention of the high jump style Fosbury).

The 1970s marked a milestone for Adidas with the creation of Telstar, the very first official World Cup football. It was also the decade that saw the birth of the legendary Adidas Campus.

It is now undeniable that brand Adidas is an integral part of popular culture in 2023, at a time when music, fashion and sport are taking on an increasingly important role in society for both men and women.

The iconic sneakers Adidas Samba the most beautiful sneakers woman in 2023

Farewell to New Balance 550, fashion has discovered a new darling! With the arrival of the new season news sneakers are appearing at the feet of influencers, and they're called Adidas Samba. This emblematic model of the Adidas, a true symbol of 90's style, are back, revisited with an entirely new design sneakers by the German brand. And they've already captured the hearts of the best-dressed women of 2023, starting with Bella Hadid.

Since the last Fashion Week, Bella Hadid is a fervent supporter of these sneakers Adidas Samba vintage charm. She pairs them with all kinds of outfits, be it a denim skirt, baggy jeans or even mini-shorts. The ultimate tip? Wear these most beautiful sneakers woman with high socks, a real trademark of the model's style.

It didn't take long for her model friends, namely Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Kaia Gerber, are definitely following suit this summer, integrating the Adidas Samba OG to their distinctive style.

Bella Hadid, as determined as ever, never misses an opportunity to don her pair of Adidas Samba black and Adidas Samba white to complement her most stylish urban outfits. Her preferred choice? Combining sneakers Adidas Samba to a crop top and a pair of low-rise, slightly loose-fitting jeans, the hems of which she rolled up to show off her superb pair of sneakers.

Kendall reinvents them for every casual outfit, Hailey sports the adidas samba vintage in the evening or during his sessions at the gym, and Kaia Gerber adopts the adidas samba classic with a light skirt or a classic pair of pants, making these the perfect complement to any outfit sneakers the most beautiful of 2023.

How to wear Samba d'Adidas with jeans ?

For a stylish look Samba Adidas when pairing them with jeans, it's essential to choose the right cut. A length that's too short, or jeans that fit too snugly, risk accentuating the elongating effect of these sneakers Adidas Samba women's og ultra-flat. Jeans should ideally cover the ankle at least halfway to avoid a sharp contrast between the calf and the ankle sneakers trend.

Here's our fashion tip: opt for two types of denim, either slightly loose-fitting straight jeans or the downright baggy cut. Not only are these two denim styles very much on trend, but they also offer visual balance by bolstering the look Adidas Samba and reducing its long, flat appearance.

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Wearing sneakers Samba d'Adidas with pants

Just as with jeans, playing with contrasts is essential to highlight the Adidas Samba. Simplicity lies in pairing with loose, flowing pants. Not only is it fashionable, it also creates a look that balances elegance and casualness. The bonus is that this style remains timeless. In summer, opt for loose-fitting linen pants for an ultra-stylish look with the Adidas Samba OG. In winter, a black or navy blue version will be just as appropriate !

Wearing sneakers Samba d'Adidas with a short or long skirt

The short skirt and adidas samba og white is always ultra chic and an infallible fashion choice, especially this summer. To prevent Adidas Samba don't pack down the leg, especially on smaller figures, here's the secret: wear them with white socks.

They don't need to rise too high, on the contrary! If they stop mid-calf, you risk visually splitting your leg in two. Simply choose socks that can be rolled up at the ankle for a casual, elegant pleat.

Whether you opt for a long slip skirt or a parachute skirt, the result is retro but still on-trend. Choose a skirt that falls at least below the calf, with a straight or slightly flared cut. Socks add a touch of comfort that we love, especially when temperatures are a little chilly in mid-season. And this tip also works with shorts or Bermuda shorts !

Adidas Campus 00s the Return of a Fashion Icon in 2023

After the end of a controversial collaboration with Kanye West and despite this, adidas rebounds by drawing on its own heritage. The silhouette Campus 00s, famous for its retro design and descendant of Tournament, has officially made its return in 2023! Although originally designed for basketball, in rivalry with Puma, but it's precisely by drawing on its history that the German brand has returned to success.

Popularized by urban cultures in the 80's, adidas returns with a 2.0 version of this silhouette, skilfully playing with proportions. Imposing laces and an oversized tongue...

Visit Blog CopnCop reveals all the details of a from sneakers woman of this year 2023 in resolutely Y2K style! In 1970, adidas decided to compete with Puma and its famous Sweden. The brand with the three stripes then imagined a new basketball sneaker that would fall somewhere between the Adidas Superstar and Adidas Gazelle.

The result of this merger is adidas Tournament, which was then reworked to give birth to the Adidas Campus 00s. This pair of sneakers woman, with its suede upper and retro design, is fast becoming a classic, winning over new generations in particular.

In the early 80s, the skateboarders and breakdancers for its flexibility and robustness. In 1987, the Campus 2 was born to meet the demands of city life, offering snowboarders a version of the classic Vulc better suited to the practice of skateboard thanks to a thinner sole for perfect grip.

Sneakers Adidas Campus 00s femme copncop blog

What clothes to match them with Campus d'Adidas ?

The undeniable advantage of Adidas Campus woman, is their versatility: they go with everything suivant the chosen model as with Adidas Campus green or Adidas Campus black whether denim shorts, long dresses, flowing skirts, dungarees, boy-friend jeans, 7/8ths, short skirts...

They adapt easily to all our favorite styles. Bright colors are perfect for energizing outfits that are a little too sober, while pastel or neutral hues are ideal for adding a touch of calm. You can even dare to wear a matching pastel ensemble with light gray sneakers: after all, this is the season for experimentation.

Adidas Gazelle the epic of cult sneakers

With its Gazelle, Adidas once again demonstrates its unrivalled expertise in creating of the most beautiful sneakers woman. Alongside Adidas Samba and Adidas Campus, the Adidas Gazelle, now carried by Kate Moss, forms a trio of sneakers which continues to enjoy immutable success since their debut in the 60s.

Appreciated by fans of the streetwear for its comfort and the variety of colors and models in which it is offered, this silhouette, compared to a small, elegant antelope by its manufacturer, was nevertheless not destined to conquer the streets.

In fact, Adidas launched it onto the market without any real strategy, which makes its story all the more fascinating. The full story of Adidas Gazelle is told in detail here. By revisiting the origins of its creation and sharing anecdotes about its development, you'll discover all about this sneakers Adidas made for women.

Why the Gazelle is the sneakers most appreciated by women at Adidas ?

Although the Adidas Gazelle made its official debut in 1968, the history of this sneakers worship Adidas is rooted in the expertise the German brand has acquired in the field of athletics over more than a decade. Its name is directly inspired by this heritage.

Although the exact origin is not documented, it would seem that the name is a tribute to the runner's performance Wilma Rudolph at the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome. These performances led the brand to create a training shoe called "Rom" whose Adidas Gazelle white has inherited several characteristics.

In those days, it was common for Adidas to name their sneakers after animals, as shown by the following models Panther and Jaguar designed for training. What sets Adidas Gazelle woman, is that it was launched in two versions from the outset, each adapted to a specific use and featuring a distinct color scheme.

Visit Adidas Gazelle blue upper, was ideal for indoor sports, with a rubber sole incorporating shock-absorbing air microcells. The Adidas Gazelle red with three white stripes, designed for outdoor sports.

It was a favorite of some of the world's leading handball players thanks to its transparent rubber sole, offering excellent grip on a variety of surfaces. Thanks to this versatility, the Adidas Gazelle original quickly won the title of leading multisport basket inAdidas.

Sneakers Adidas Gazelle Bold rose femme CopnCop Blog

How does the Adidas Gazelle become a women's fashion icon ?

Initially, the Adidas Gazelle was reserved for exclusive sporting use. In 1972, however, an unfortunate incident occurred. Encouraged by the brand not to stain its Adidas Gazelle blue during the presentation of his seven gold medals, the American swimmer Mark Spitz brandished his sneakers before and after the national anthem.

Visit Gazelle then disappeared from the catalog Adidas until 1979, when it reappeared in a premium version with a cloverleaf outsole, the Adidas Originals since 1972, and a new shape, marked by a redesigned forefoot.

This version, reissued in 2011 as Adidas Gazelle Indoor marked the beginning of the emancipation of the Gazelle off the sports field and track. Featuring an attractive suede leather upper and a wide choice of colors, the Adidas Gazelle conquered the hearts of fashion lovers as early as 1980, becoming one of the most beautiful sneakers woman in history.

In the 1990s, the Adidas Gazelle conquered the United States with Michael Diamond, aka Mike D, rapper and founding member of Beastie Boys. Discovered in a Los Angeles store alongside another well-known suede silhouette, the PUMA Suede, she has become one of the icons of American hip-hop, confirming her rise on the East Coast.

In 1991, the Adidas Gazelle has been reintroduced in its current form, the one familiar to fans of sneakers. Internationally renowned artists such as the lead singer of the group Oasis, Jamiroquai and Michael Jackson adopted it, and Adidas reissued it in 2016 as a worthy successor to the Stan Smith.

To ensure this transition, the brand called on Kate Moss, who has become the perfect ambassador for the Adidas Gazelle in an advertising campaign.

Sneakers Adidas Gazelle bleue femme 2023 CopnCop Blog

There's more to come

Visit Adidas Gazelle remains a of the most beautiful sneakers almost 50 years after its launch, because Adidas pays great attention to it. Not only has the brand chosen Kate Moss as her new muse, but she has also endowed the Adidas Gazelle of its latest technologies to enhance comfort and make it even more fashionable, such as a thick sole on the Adidas Gazelle Bold Black.

Thanks to innovations such as the Primeknit, , Adidas has succeeded in modernizing Adidas Gazelle Bold while retaining its emblematic suede character. This update enables it to compete with the Flyknit of its eternal rival, Nike.

The first Adidas Gazelle at Primeknit thanks to a collaboration with Sneaker Politics in 2017. This exclusive version featured motifs in the colors of Mardi Gras carnival, celebrated in New Orleans, as well as suede elements, including the brand's iconic three stripes.

Other traditional colors were launched shortly afterwards, including the Adidas Gazelle blue and the Adidas Gazelle red, historic colors of the Gazelle, to which was added a Adidas Gazelle gray. La Gazelle continues to make its mark on the history of fashion and sport, and its legacy endures thanks to its constant evolution and adaptability to current trends.

Over the decades, she has moved from the athletics track to the streets of fashion, becoming an undisputed icon of the sneakers.

How to enhance your Adidas Gazelle ?

In every possible way. Here's our fashion tip: combine the Adidas Gazelle with elegant pastel satin pants that fit perfectly at the ankles, white socks and a light shirt with a décolleté or lavallière collar. Among the range of sneakers Adidas, the Gazelle stands out as one of the most worn and one of the most beautiful sneakers woman in 2023.

Sneakers Adidas Gazelle rose femme 2023 CopnCop Blog

Visit sneakers Adidas for women in 2023 are a perfect blend of style, comfort and innovation. Whether you're looking for a pair for your sports sessions, urban outings or simply to add a trendy touch to your wardrobe, Adidas answered the call with captivating models.

From timeless classics to avant-garde creations, there's something for everyone. With Adidas, you can be sure of finding a pair that reflects your personality and style. So don't wait any longer, treat yourself to a new pair of sneakers Adidas on our online store of sneakers authentic and limited CopnCop and enjoy an exceptional sportswear experience. Make every step a style statement with the most beautiful sneakers Adidas for women in 2023.

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