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The Fashion World Illuminated by the Star Jacquemus

Hailing from the South of France, designer Simon Porte Jacquemus has been shining brightly in the fashion world for many years now. In 2009, at the tender age of 19, he plunged into the arena with his first brand, proudly bearing his own name in tribute to his late mother. Consistent effort and an audacious spirit have propelled Simon Jacquemus to the forefront: in 2010, he chose to dress top models in the heart of the city with pieces from his new collection. A bold strategy that quickly paid off. These spontaneous performances captured the attention of the media and beyond. In 2012, he was invited to take part in Fashion Week, a pivotal moment that marked the start of an exceptional trajectory. In 2015, the pinnacle of his career arrived with the recognition of the LVMH Prize. In record time, the young designer has managed to grace the pages of many renowned magazines. To sum up, the triumphs signed Jacquemus have been following one another for over 12 years, and the meteoric rise of Simon Porte Jacquemus, now aged just 30, continues.

The fruitful collaboration between Nike and Jacquemus

May 14, 2022 marks the announcement of the first collaboration between two fashion behemoths : Nike and Jacquemus. This announcement was accompanied by the fashion show entitled "Le Papier", where Jacquemus gave us a sneak preview of its new collection designed in tandem with the sporting giant. These two icons have joined forces to create a clothing line that fuses luxury and sportswear, with the aim of integrating sport into everyday life. Above all, Simon Porte Jacquemus emphasizes that "the collection is accessible to all body types". This collaboration has given rise to bras, skirts, leggings, cyclists and sneakers, all marked by a perfect harmony between sportswear and refinement. This symbiosis was made possible by the clever use of elastic fibers, elegantly reworked by the Jacquemus designer. Among the plethora of pieces resulting from the fusion of Jacquemus and Nike, one stands out in a striking way, and for good reason. Let us introduce you to the brand-new Nike Air Humara.

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La Nouvelle Nike Jacquemus Humara: a Reinterpretation that's the talk of the town

Released on June 28, 2022, the Nike Air LX Humara Jacquemus beige immediately caused a stir among sneakers enthusiasts. So much so that on July 7 of the same year, a new release took place eu on the official Humara website Nike. This reinterpretation of the legendary Humara of the 90s has all the ingredients to seduce: wrapped in a premium beige leather finish, the Jacquemus Humara reveals a streamlined design, enhanced by subtle touches of brown. The logo Jacquemus slips discreetly onto the heel, tongue, insole and underfoot, while Nike 's famous gold swoosh proudly unfurls on the sneaker's sidewall. The new Nike beige also pays homage to its predecessor, retaining the retro elements of the original model designed in 1997. This vintage touch is enhanced by high-quality materials, namely leather and suede. The strap, meanwhile, matches the laces and echoes the colors of the eyelets. In addition to its good looks, the Nike Jacquemus stands out for its unrivalled quality and comfort. The Air cushioning in both the heel and forefoot gives sneakers an undeniably lightweight feel, ideal for your sports sessions or city outings. If you're not completely convinced by the beige model, the Nike Jacquemus brown version, the result of the Jacquemus collaboration with Nike, is also available on our site.

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Where to buy Nike Air Humara LX Jacquemus ?

At CopnCop we are committed to making your dreams come true by offering you access to exclusivesneakers . That's why Nike Air Humara Jacquemus beige is available in a wide range of sizes on our site. You'll also find its counterpart in a different, darker shade, the Nike Air Humara LX Jacquemus Brown as well as a glamorous, lively shade in the Nike Air Humara LX Jacquemus Pink .

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