The Iconic Collaboration between Supreme and Nike: Air Force 1 Supreme

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Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 : An Iconic Collaboration

When we thought that the Swoosh had eyes only for the Nike Dunk a silhouette she has been striving to revitalize for several months, she has taken us by surprise once again by signing a collaboration with Supreme on the Nike Air Force 1. The claw new-york of James Jebbia has taken over the American equipment manufacturer's design studios to revisit the legendary AF1 in an admittedly minimalist style, but an original and, in our opinion, a truly successful one. With this first nike air force 1 white and nike air force 1 in a darker shade of black, it proves that the simple things are often the best, especially when it comes to the 1982 classic. The magic of Supreme Nike here's everything you need to know about it.

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An Iconic Story: Nike and SUPREME

The beautiful story between Nike and Supreme NYC began almost 20 years ago. It was back in 2002 that the two giants of the streetwear have joined forces to work hand in hand on the SB Dunk Low, to celebrate the division's creation in style "skateboarding" from the Beaverton firm. The collaborations continued until the famous Air Force 1 Low Supreme White and Air Force 1 Low Supreme Black.

A tribute to the purity of style

This famous version of the nike air force 1 white signed Supreme is very similar to the declension Triple White which is so popular with sneaker lovers and on which fans of the custom sneakers like to give free rein to their creativity. They must think that the teams at James Jebbia didn't bother. And we couldn't blame them, since in the end they were content to affix a patch Supreme on the back of each side panel. But this doesn't make the pair any less effective. True to the design imagined by Bruce Kilgore the 1982 model is finished in white leather with perforations on the top of the foot. The same applies to the sole, which is clad in immaculate white rubber. A jewel of laces and personalized insoles complete the look. For completeness, a second set of laces in the emblematic colors of the label from New York will be included by default in the packaging.

Impatient Waiting

As mentioned in the introduction, the precious sesame was released on March 5, 2020, exclusively on the skate brand's official website. Fans of sneakers and fans of Supreme New-York were looking forward to this promising collaboration. The combination of the timeless aesthetics of the Nike Air Force 1 with the elegant minimalism of Supreme NYC seems to be a winning recipe.

The SUPREME Phenomenon

Supreme NYC is much more than just a clothing brand. It has become a true cultural phenomenon, an icon of the streetwear. Founded in 1994 by James Jebbia, Supreme has risen to the top of urban culture thanks to its distinctive aesthetic and avant-garde design philosophy. The brand of streetwear has built a solid reputation by collaborating with some of today's hottest artists, designers and brands. From contemporary artist Jeff Koons to the fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, Supreme NYC has surrounded itself with the best to create unique and coveted collections. Each new collaboration is an event, arousing the enthusiasm of aficionados of the streetwear from all over the world.

The Magic of Collaboration

Collaboration between Supreme and Nike on the Nike Air Force 1 White and Nike Air Force 1 Black is the union of two giants of the urban fashion industry. Nike with its long history of creating iconic sneakers, and Supreme New York City with its keen sense of style and daring, are destined to create something extraordinary. This collaboration is much more than a simple fusion of logos; it's a celebration of the very best of French culture streetwear. The simple design of this Nike AF1 recalls the very essence of urban style. It's a blank canvas on which to project your own style. Whether you prefer a clean, minimalist look or want to personalize these sneakers with accessories Supreme New York City this pair of sneakers nike offers unrivalled versatility.

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A Limited Edition

As is often the case with SUPREME collaborations, these nike air force 1 white supreme and nike air force 1 black supreme are limited editions. This means that demand is huge and supply limited. Collectors and enthusiasts of pair of sneakers nike will be jostling to get their hands on these unique pairs. You can find them on our online site of sneakers authentic and limited CopnCop.


In short, the collaboration between SUPREME and Nike on the nike air force 1 supreme white and the nike air force 1 supreme black promises to be a major event for fans of streetwear and sneakers. While the simplicity of the design may seem disconcerting to some, there's no denying that this pair embodies the heritage and iconic style of both brands. See all models from Nike Air Force 1 Supreme on CopnCop as well as Air Force 1 Supreme Flax Wheat the latest color to be released.

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